Thursday, April 9, 2009

Polar Bear cubs (baby polar bear)

Most female polar bears mate at the age of four or five and some have cubs until they are 25 years old. Females leave thier baby when they are only one and a half years old and have cubs every second year. Most female have twins. Very young and mothers and very old ones often only have a single cub. And one percent of all polar bears has triplets.
Polar bear cubs nurse frequently and grow quickly. When they are 26 days old, they begin to hear; at 33 days their eyes open. When they are two months old (polar bear cubs picture below), the cubs weight 5.5 to 7.0 kilograms. They play and romp and sometimes one can hear them squeal.
On other side mother is sleepy and indulgent but if any danger threatens, she is immedately wide awake. The mother nurses the cubs for at least a year, but the cubs also share her meals. They watch her hunt and they begin to hunt themselves. About 40% females leave their cubs when they are only one and a half years old.

If they hunt easily these youngsters have a good chance to survive.

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